Areas of application


Slide charts and data discs in surgeries, hospitals and other areas of the health sector
Slide charts, wheel chart calculators and gauges are highly efficient tools that are ideally suited for daily use in surgeries, hospitals and other areas of the health sector. The company Greschner-Rechner has been cooperating closely with professionals from the pharmaceutical sector and medical technology engineers so as to tailor its products precisely to the respective requirements and developments.
Based on this continually updated know-how, we develop wheel charts designed to calculate the body mass index (BMI), weight loss calculators and haemoglobin conversion charts. We produce pregnancy wheel charts for calculating the birth date for gynaecologists, ECG rulers for evaluating electrocardiograms for cardiologists, slide charts and PD gauges for measuring the interocular distance and determining data required for corrective lenses.

Devices for engineers
For engineers from various industries the standard Greschner-Rechner range offers numerous useful slide charts that allow for precise dimensioning of steel bars, steel sections, steel tubing and strip steel. We offer data discs for bolts, nuts, threads and fits as well as slide charts for oil, liquid gas and industrial water calculations. Various air duct calculators and hydraulics slide charts top off the range. In addition, many of the slide charts are also available in various languages.

The standard range is supplemented by a multitude of slide charts and data wheels that were custom-made for certain products or companies.