Greschner-Rechner GmbH


Slide charts and data wheels for medical, engineering and general use
Greschner-Rechner GmbH develops and manufactures slide charts, data wheels, scale rulers and templates for general use as well as for medical/pharmaceutical and engineering purposes. Slide charts and data wheels are used in a large variety of sectors today: wheel charts printed with your logo are useful promotional items that draw your customers’ attention to your company every day. Engineering slide calculators are indispensable devices for professionals working in various fields of activity.


Advertising with your company logo
Click the navigation button “Slide charts”: our wide standard range offers slide charts for all lines of business – printed with your logo, it’s a perfect promotional item for your company!


Custom solutions for specialised slide charts
Should you require a slide chart or data disc not yet contained in our standard range, we’ll gladly develop a custom solution hand in hand with you. And thanks to our long-standing expertise we’re able to produce your custom slide chart at a favourable price!