The material: brilliant print layout, longevity and efficiency
Our slide charts and discs are preferably made of transparent plastic: this thin, but exceptionally strong material produces brilliant prints and is extremely durable. Long-term close cooperation with professionals from various industries and with you as the user have put us in a position to offer state-of-the-art products at all times. Should you require larger quantities of slide charts or data discs for a major promotional campaign, you may also want to consider our cost-saving alternative made of hard cardboard.

Manufacturing: pressed, glued or folded slide charts
Greschner-Rechner uses screen printing and offset methods to produce its competitively priced slide charts and slide rules. The method depends on the slide chartsí area of application and on the quantity required. You can choose between three designs, based on your individual requirements:

  1. 1. Office use: pressed slide charts with glued spacers
  2. 2. Engineers: large, firmly glued slide charts with additional reinforcement
  3. 3. Medical sector: strong but flexible slide charts folded from one piece, with inner slider made of plastic or cardboard