History of the company


A success story of more than forty years
Greschner Rechner have been producing slide charts for more than forty years! Engineer Ferdinand Greschner founded the company in Bammental near Heidelberg in 1971, kicking off a success story that continues to this day. The development and manufacture of slide and wheel charts is a highly specialised industrial sector represented by only very few companies in Germany and Europe. Ferdinand Greschner and his staff produced promotional slide charts for various lines of business using state-of-the-art methods right from the very beginning. In 2010 Ferdinand Greschner sold the successful company for reasons of old age. Since September 2010 Stefan Borgelt (Master of Science in Mathematics) has been continuing the tradition and lifetime achievement of the innovative Bammental engineer under the name of Greschner-Rechner GmbH.


Almost four hundred years of mechanical calculators for basic arithmetic operations
A slide chart is an analogue calculator designed to do basic arithmetic operations mechanically. The first slide rules were made back in the 17th century, after the “discovery” of logarithms: slide rules and charts are based on the principle of adding or subtracting sections (logarithmic scales) on the fixed and the sliding parts of the calculator. In the course of the Industrial Revolution, slide charts developed into a tool much used in science and engineering. It’s true that the introduction of electronic calculators in the nineteen sixties diminished the use of slide charts to some extent, but they’re still widely used in specialised areas such as aviation, electrical and systems engineering, in the military, the chemical industry and in trade and business.