Slide charts - Pharmaceutical

Vorschau P01 BMI data disk Body mass index disc for calculating target weight
Also available in: GB
ø 120 mm
Vorschau P02 Creatinine clearance slide chart Creatinine calculation based on Cockcroft & Gault equation 198x84 mm
165x90 mm
180x62 mm
Vorschau P03 Eyewear sizing slide chart Calculates the size of eyeglass lenses 260x100 mm
Vorschau P04 Haemoglobin conversion slide chart Converts the haemoglobin value (Hb) from g/dl to mmol/l 140x52 mm
Vorschau P05 Dose calculator Calculates the required amount of anticoagulant Phenprocoumon based on 3mg / tablet 140x60 mm
Vorschau P06 Body surface area calculator Calculates the body surface area based on the Dubois & Dubois formula
Also available in: GB
168x106 mm
Vorschau P07 ECG ruler Evaluation of electrocardiograms 185x75 mm
192x96 mm
Vorschau P08 Goniometer Measures the angle of the knee 102x45 mm
Vorschau P09 MDRD calculator For estimations of the glomerular filtration rate in the event of kidney conditions 80x210 mm
Vorschau P10 PD gauge Measures the distance between the eyes 216x40 mm
155x40 mm
Vorschau P11 Weight loss slide chart Evaluation of weight loss in percent and over time 210x72 mm
Vorschau P12 Pregnancy calculator Calculates the expected date of birth ø 125 mm

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